Three Insurance Company Reviews for Insights and Feedback on Coverage Service and Claims Handling

Choosing the right insurance company can be tough. It’s vital to look into what they cover and how they handle claims. We have looked at Three, American Family, and Progressive for you. We mix policyholder stories, industry facts, and feedback from customers to give you the real deal on these companies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Three, American Family, and Progressive are reliable insurance companies that are known for their coverage service and claims handling.
  • Policyholder experiences, industry data, and customer reviews have been considered in these reviews to provide you with valuable insights.
  • Choosing the right insurance provider involves weighing factors such as reliable claims handling, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive coverage.
  • Comparing insurance company reviews and ratings can help you find the best fit for your coverage needs and budget.
  • Stay informed and make an empowered decision when selecting an insurance company to protect your assets and peace of mind.

Three Insurance: A Unique Approach to Business Insurance

Three Insurance does business insurance in a new and smart way. It is part of Berkshire Hathaway and creates a single, three-page policy. This policy meets the unique needs of businesses well.

Small business owners get many types of coverage with Three Insurance. The policy includes general liability, which covers property and personal injury claims. It also has commercial property insurance for buildings, equipment, and stock.

But Three Insurance doesn’t just stop with the basics. They also cover commercial auto insurance for business vehicles, which is key for many operations.

Another big plus is Three’s cybersecurity coverage. In today’s world, the risk of cyber attacks is high. Three Insurance helps protect businesses’ digital information.

cybersecurity insurance

John Mitchell, a happy policyholder, says, “Three Insurance lets small business owners get all their necessary insurance in one place. It covers everything, from general liability to cybersecurity.”

Three Insurance also covers workers’ compensation. This is essential for when employees get hurt or sick while working.

Three makes it simple and wide-ranging for small businesses. All insurance needs are in one place. This saves time and worry, letting businesses focus on growing.

Why Choose Three Insurance for Your Business?

Here’s why Three Insurance is a great pick:

  • Comprehensive coverage in a three-page policy
  • Inclusion of general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, cybersecurity, and workers’ compensation
  • Convenience and simplicity for small business owners
  • Peace of mind knowing that all insurance needs are met under one policy

Whether you own a small business or are starting one, Three Insurance is different. Check out their plans to see how they can protect your business.

American Family Insurance: Top Choice for Paying Claims

American Family Insurance is known for paying claims well. It gives homeowners peace of mind about their insurance. It has a 99% claim approval rate and claims get approved in 16 days on average. This shows how quickly they process and fulfill claims.

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The company is trusted because of its reliable and smooth claims handling. People like the easy and quick process. It makes sure their needs are met without delay.

American Family Insurance values happy customers. Their average satisfaction score is 8.34 out of 10. This shows they provide great service and meet customer needs. It sets them apart as a top insurance provider.

It’s a great choice for issues like natural disasters or accidents. American Family Insurance helps ease stress and financial worries. They keep their promise to pay claims and handle them quickly, earning customers’ trust.

For top-quality coverage and claims service, choose American Family Insurance. They have a high approval rate and satisfy customers. Homeowners can trust them for peace of mind and full coverage.

Progressive Insurance: Positive Reputation for Claims Handling

Progressive Insurance is known for its great service with claims. They make sure their customers are happy. This shines through in the good reviews and high scores they get.

They work with other companies to write their insurance policies. Even so, they do their best to help customers with their claims. A famous study by J.D. Power praised them for their work.

Progressive Insurance claims handling

The J.D. Power study gave Progressive Insurance a satisfaction score of 7.93 out of 10. This shows their dedication to making customers happy. Their way of handling claims is efficient and helps homeowners feel at ease.

“Progressive Insurance really shines in handling claims. They focus on making customers happy and deal with claims quickly and well.”

– Industry Expert

Progressive uses feedback and data to get better at handling claims. They aim for clear, fast service from start to finish. This makes dealing with claims easier for homeowners.

Homeowners trust Progressive to take care of their claims. They are known for caring and professional service. Choosing Progressive means choosing an insurer that is focused on customers.

Comparing Insurance Providers and Claim Experiences

Choosing an insurance provider means looking at what they offer and how they handle claims. We asked policyholders and checked the J.D. Power U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study to get insights.

We looked at these five big insurance companies: American Family, State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive. We checked claim approval rates, how long it takes to approve claims, and what customers think. This helps show the good and bad in each company.

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American Family

American Family is known for its top-notch claims service. They often approve claims fast. This makes policyholders happy. People rate their experience with American Family highly.

State Farm

State Farm is a big name known for helping customers well. They handle claims like most other companies do. But, they’re praised for their service. Customers usually have a good experience with State Farm.


Allstate gives a lot of choices for coverage. This lets customers pick what’s right for them. They work hard to keep their customers happy when it comes to claims.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual provides a wide variety of insurance. They aim to make claiming easy. While they’re about as fast as others in helping you, there’s room to do better in keeping customers happy.


Progressive is known for new and creative insurance options. They usually get good reviews for how they handle claims. Customers often say they’re happy with Progressive’s service.

Looking at how companies handle claims, what customers say, and their industry rank, will help you pick the right one. The best insurance is not just about what it covers. It’s also about how easy and stress-free the process is when you need them. Think about this and pick the company that gives you peace of mind.

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Premiums and Claims

Understanding what affects your home insurance costs and claims is key. For your home insurance costs, things like your past claims, the kinds of coverage you get, and how often you claim play a big role. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Your past claims tell insurance companies a lot. They look at what you’ve claimed over the last five to seven years. If you’ve filed many big claims, you might pay more because you’re seen as risky.

The types of coverage you pick also matter. Whether you add on things like flood insurance or just get the basic coverage, your choice affects what you pay. More coverage usually means higher costs.

Insurers consider the overall risk based on the last five to seven years of claims history.

When you actually make a claim, the effect on what you pay can differ. That depends on your insurer and the claim’s type and size. It might raise your price a lot or just a little.

So, choosing the right insurance means thinking about these things. Look at what you’ve claimed before. Think about what you might claim later. And check out the different coverages available.

It’s all about finding the right mix of enough coverage and good prices. Knowing what affects your insurance rates and claims lets you make smart decisions. This helps keep your home and your wallet safe.

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Recommended Home Insurance Providers:

  • Three Insurance: Providing comprehensive coverage to meet both personal and business needs.
  • American Family Insurance: Highly regarded for its prompt claims handling and customer satisfaction.
  • Progressive Insurance: Known for its positive reputation in claims handling despite utilizing third-party underwriters.

Next, we’ll get into detail about each provider and their stand-out features.

home insurance premiums and claims image


In closing, we’ve looked at Three, American Family, and Progressive insurance. Among them, American Family stands out for their quick and effective claim payments. Progressive, on the other hand, gets praise for handling claims well, even while working with other underwriters.

When picking the right insurance, it’s vital to look at many aspects. Read reviews and check ratings to see how each company’s coverage and claims process stack up. This helps you choose the best fit for your needs and budget wisely.

Doing your homework by thoroughly comparing insurance reviews is always a good idea. It gives insights into an insurer’s reputation, quality of service, and how satisfied their customers are. Evaluating each insurer’s pros and cons helps you make a smart choice.


What is Three Insurance’s unique approach to business insurance coverage?

Three Insurance puts everything you need in a three-page policy. It covers general liability, property, auto, cyber threats, and worker’s issues.

Why is American Family Insurance recognized as a top choice for paying claims?

American Family Insurance has a 99% claim approval rate. They’re quick too, taking an average of 16 days to approve claims. This makes them a trustworthy option.

What is Progressive Insurance’s reputation for claims handling?

Even with using third-party underwriters, Progressive has a good reputation. This is shown through happy customers and high marks in the J.D. Power U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study.

How were insurance providers and claim experiences evaluated?

They used a mix of customer feedback and big studies like J.D. Power. This way, they could look at care experiences closely.

What factors can influence home insurance premiums and claims?

Many things can change what you pay for insurance or what claims cover. These include your past claims, what types of insurance you have, and how often you file claims. After you file a claim, your payments might go up. Insurers do this to adjust for the overall risk they face based on your recent claim history.

How important is it to compare insurance company reviews and ratings?

Comparing reviews and ratings is key. It helps you find a company that meets your needs, fits your budget, and will handle claims well.
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