Uncover the Best Real Estate Agents in Friendswood to Secure Your Ideal Home

We’ve found the best real estate agents in Friendswood. They rank high in licensing, user reviews, and their knowledge. They know the local market well, making them great guides in buying or selling a home. No matter what you’re looking for, be it your first home, an uptown condo, or a luxury estate, these agents will help you find it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right agent in Friendswood is critical for a good experience.
  • Look into an agent’s license, reviews, and expertise before choosing.
  • The best agents in Friendswood understand the market deeply and can help you find your perfect home.
  • They’re ready to help whether you seek a starter home, a condo, or a high-end property.
  • Take the time to research and interview different agents to see who suits you best.

Chrissy Barbaro – Grace Team Realty

Look no further in Friendswood for a top Realtor than Chrissy Barbaro. She has over 40 years of experience in the Houston area. Chrissy is a trusted advisor in the local real estate market.

Chrissy knows the Friendswood market very well. She can give great advice to buyers and sellers. If you want to find your dream home or sell your house, Chrissy can help. She has the knowledge and skills you need.

Chrissy works with many types of homes, from starter homes to luxury estates. She is a member of the Houston Association of Realtors. This shows her professionalism and dedication to serving you well.

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Chrissy Barbaro helps clients in the Friendswood real estate market feel confident and at ease. Thanks to her experience and local knowledge, she’s the best Realtor for buying or selling in Friendswood.

  • Access Friendswood MLS listings with ease
  • Expert guidance throughout the buying or selling process
  • Personalized service tailored to your unique needs
  • Seamless and stress-free real estate transactions

Experience Matters

Choose Chrissy Barbaro for her trustworthy skills. Her experience means you get the best help from many experts. She’s well-connected, helping you with all your real estate needs.

Chrissy cares about her clients, with a focus on what you need. She listens to your goals, working hard to reach them. Whether you’re buying your first home or have invested before, Chrissy is with you at every step.

With Chrissy Barbaro and Grace Team Realty, you get the best service and expertise. They are committed to making your experience excellent. Contact Chrissy to start your journey in Friendswood today!

The Christy Buck Team – Infinity Real Estate Group

The Christy Buck Team is a key part of Infinity Real Estate Group. They’re known in Friendswood, Texas, for their top-tier real estate services. They use their deep know-how to help folks find their dream home or sell their place in Friendswood.

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If you’re buying or selling in Friendswood, having these experts on your team is crucial. The Christy Buck Team gets the local market like no one else. They tailor their services to match what you need perfectly.

No matter if you’ve never bought a home before or you’re seasoned in investing, this team has your back. They promise the finest advice and support as you navigate the real estate market.

Services Offered:

  • Property Marketing: The Christy Buck Team uses fresh marketing strategies to shine a light on your property for many possible buyers. Their aim is to grab as much attention as possible and foster interest in your listing.
  • Buying and Selling Assistance: Thanks to their vast network and deep understanding of the Friendswood market, they make buying or selling easy. Your needs come first, and they work hard to ensure a seamless deal.
  • Property Valuation Solutions: Knowing your home’s true value is key. The Christy Buck Team offers in-depth property valuation services. This helps you set the right price when you’re ready to sell.

What makes The Christy Buck Team stand out is their dedication to unity, optimism, action, and generosity. These values shape their service, making sure you get outstanding treatment the whole way through.

Clients are quick to praise The Christy Buck Team’s professionalism, expertise, and devotion. They’ve helped many folks turn their real estate dreams into reality.

Looking for homes in Friendswood, Texas, or aiming to work with stellar real estate agents? The Christy Buck Team is your winning choice. They blend their market knowledge with a deep commitment to exceptional service. This creates a stellar real estate journey for you.

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The Stanfield Team – Professional Real Estate Specialists

The Stanfield Team is a group of expert real estate specialists. They help clients buy and sell homes in Friendswood, League City, and Pearland. Alan and Beth Stanfield lead the team. They have 18 years of experience in the business. The team offers various services to meet their clients’ needs.

If you’re buying a home for the first time or investing again, the Stanfield Team can help. They guide you through every step with care and expertise. Their goal is to make your journey in the Friendswood real estate market smooth and successful.

They focus on listing properties for sale so your home gets seen by many potential buyers. They know the local market well and can give advice on pricing and how to market your home.

The Stanfield Team is all about making clients happy. They put in extra effort to create unique marketing plans for those who need them. These plans help sell homes by meeting specific goals and attracting the right buyers.

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They have a big network and are excellent at negotiating. This helps you get a great deal when buying or selling a home in Friendswood. They work hard to make sure your real estate deal is stress-free and positive.

Picking the right real estate agent is important. The Stanfield Team is known for their local knowledge, track record, and client-centered approach. They’re an excellent choice for anyone wanting to sell or buy a home in Friendswood.

“Working with The Stanfield Team was amazing. They know their stuff and take care of the small details. They really look out for their clients and get great results. I recommend them highly for anyone in Friendswood who needs real estate help.”

– Satisfied Client

Why Choose The Stanfield Team?

  • 18 years of combined real estate experience
  • Expertise in the Friendswood, League City, and Pearland areas
  • Customized marketing packages for tailored strategies
  • Strong negotiation skills for favorable outcomes
  • Extensive network and resources for maximum exposure
  • Commitment to providing personalized and comprehensive services

For any real estate needs in Friendswood, The Stanfield Team is the right choice. They’re here to help you reach your housing dreams. Contact them today to start finding or selling your perfect Friendswood home.

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Craig Carver Group – RE/MAX

The Craig Carver Group is tied to RE/MAX, a well-known real estate company. It serves the Friendswood, Texas area and nearby places. Craig Carver leads the team, bringing over 25 years of real estate experience. The group aims to give top-notch service and advice to its clients.

Buying or selling a house is a big deal. The Craig Carver Group works to make this process easy and calm. They know the Friendswood market very well. They help buyers find their dream homes and sellers get good deals.

They have deep knowledge and use the latest tech and marketing tools. This gives their clients an advantage in the market. They list various types of houses in Friendswood. From cozy homes near a golf course to grand estates on Cowards Creek Drive, they cover it all.

The Craig Carver Group focuses on personalized service. They take time to understand what each client wants. They help find the right property, whether it’s a small start-home or a big luxurious house in Friendswood, Texas.

If you’re selling your home, the group will market it well. They aim to reach as many buyers as possible. Their skills in pricing and negotiating can help get you the best offer fast.

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Why Choose the Craig Carver Group?

  • Experienced team led by real estate expert Craig Carver
  • In-depth knowledge of the Friendswood real estate market and surrounding areas
  • Access to the latest technology and marketing tools
  • Diverse range of listings, including Mediterranean-style homes and Neoclassical Colonial estates
  • Personalized service tailored to each client’s unique needs
  • Strategic marketing techniques to attract qualified buyers

Are you buying or selling? The Craig Carver Group is ready to guide you in Friendswood. Start by reaching out to them. They’ll help you find your perfect home or close a good deal on your property.

homes for sale in friendswood texas


Finding the best real estate agent in Friendswood is key to a good home buying or selling time. In this article, we have recommended agents. They stand out for their know-how, reputation, and great feedback. They can help you find your dream home or guide you in selling your property.

Take your time to look into and talk with different agents. Find one that matches what you’re looking for. Working with a top agent in Friendswood makes finding your perfect home easier. And they can help make selling simple and smooth.


What should I consider when choosing a real estate agent in Friendswood?

When picking a real estate agent in Friendswood, check their license and what others say about them. Make sure they know the area well. This helps them give you the best advice.

What services does Chrissy Barbaro – Grace Team Realty offer?

Chrissy Barbaro – Grace Team Realty helps both buyers and sellers in Friendswood. With over 40 years of experience in the Greater Houston area, Chrissy can guide expertly. She can manage sales of all types, from small to luxury homes.

What services does The Christy Buck Team – Infinity Real Estate Group provide?

The Christy Buck Team – Infinity Real Estate Group focuses on marketing properties and helping with buying and selling. They also offer property appraisal. Known for their teamwork and positive work values, they are praised by many happy customers.

What services does The Stanfield Team – Professional Real Estate Specialists offer?

The Stanfield Team – Professional Real Estate Specialists provide a lot of real estate help. They do listings, sales, and assist with moving. With 18 years combined experience, Alan and Beth Stanfield give personalized attention to their Friendswood home transactions.

What services does Craig Carver Group – RE/MAX provide?

Craig Carver Group – RE/MAX works in Friendswood and nearby areas. Led by Craig Carver, an expert since 1994, they keep up with the latest tech and marketing. They offer a large number of Friendswood properties, both for buying and selling.

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